Dec 13: Warner Brothers recently released the motion picture trailer of the upcoming movie “The Legend Of Tarzan”. The David Yates directed movie has a big star cast with Alexander Skarsgård playing Tarzan or John Clayton III, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L Jackson and  Margot Robbieas John’s wife. The iconic children’s story is finally releasing on the big screen. The trailer does not suggest a movie for kids though. (ALSO READ:X Men: Apocalypse trailer review: Menacing Oscar Isaac; Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen makes an appearance) Also Read - Nick Fury has weird, ordinary person sense of humour in 'Captain Marvel': Samuel L Jackson

Christoph Waltz is clearly the villain of “The Legend of Tarzan” and Samuel L. Jackson may act as one of the characters which back Tarzan’s alter ego Clayton. Robbie’s character is held captive by Waltz and she shows no fear in spite of the danger. The background score to the trailer sounds familiar and African. Simply the trailer is action packed with scenic panoramas of African forest and CGI generated apes. Everyone knows the story of Tarzan and how he was raised by animals.  While the trailer shows that, it gets confusing as the scenes shift from Africa and England. Also Read - M Night Shyamalan would like to make 'very weird' Marvel films

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The problem with the trailer is there is too much happening in it. Unlike the recently released of some big films including X Men: Apocalypse, Captain America: Civil War, there is no apparent story here. Either that or the story is so simple that trailer was designed to undermine it. The lead actor, Skarsgård shows some computer generated athletics and running around with animals. There is also another subplot lucid in the trailer which shows the life of Tarzan when he interacted with the indigenous people. (ALSO READ: Captain America: Civil War – Black Panther & 4 mystifying elements revealed in teaser trailer)

The movie directed by Harry Potter director David Yates has already some expectations. The Academy award winning star cast multiplies the expectations and instead of generating more hype, it fails completely

The Legend Of Tarzan