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The newest auto rickshaw that you can buy in a Bajaj showroom has the displacement of 198.88 cc but what happens when it is replaced with the engine from a sports bike? To be more specific, the engine from a Honda CBR600RR with a 600 cc heart with absolutely mental performance figures. The power equivalent to a Honda Amaze sedan in an auto rickshaw is just insane given the light frame of the three wheeler local transport commonly seen in India and other parts of Southeast Asia. Also Read - Honda Launches BS6-Complaint City Petrol in India

The chassis has been strengthened to bear the brute force put on the frame by the brutal engine. The wheels have been replaced with fatter tyres but the torque is so much that the Tuk Tuk can still pull off wheelies, burnouts and drift. Also Read - Bizarre! Auto Rickshaw Driver Changes Tyre in a Moving Auto, Netizens Call Him 'James Bond'

The modification done by Colin Furze are all inspired by a mission in the popular game Far Cry 4 and to make the auto rickshaw similar to the game version, it has two AK-47s on either side which can be operated using hydraulics, the front headlamp grooves are used for the sub-machine guns and that’s not all, there are two rocket launchers on the roof to blow the villains away. Watch the antics of the insane auto rickshaw below.