Little Mozarts is a short film by Two  Room Apartments where two boys in order to quench their thirst of discovering new people and places, comes across an amazing music school based in Kalimpong which is a part of the district of Darjeeling. For the love music, The Two Apartment came up with this unique video of a music school-The Gandhi Ashram. Also Read - Gorkhey: Snuggled Between the Borders of Darjeeling and Sikkim, this Valley is A Must on Every Traveller’s List

Gandhi Ashram School today has students who are excelling in various fields among which many have become professional musical trainers. The short film tells how the school and music have changed the lives of children attending the school. Also Read - 'Girls Are Being Raped in UP, What's The Govt Doing? Spinning a Charkha'; Twitter Mocks Yogi Adityanath

Music is generally considered as a stress buster or a tool for entertainment, but after watching this video you would understand how music has far reaching effects on people. The school is self funded and takes care of orphaned children and their needs. The children and their abilities from the school are known world wide with many of them being selected on international platform to display their talent. Also Read - West Bengal Lockdown News: Complete Shutdown in 47 Wards of Siliguri From Today For 7 Days