the ultimate shaadi playlist Also Read - EIC's Aadhaar Song Hilariously Takes a Dig At GST, Demonesation And Of coure, Privacy

The wedding season is upon us, which means that people are being forced to sleep with random stranger, based on the placement of stars, the place of their birth and the time they were born! And the advent of social media means that all the happy single people can’t avoid the tyranny as we are inundated with wedding photos of friends, peers and colleagues on our Facebook timeline. Also Read - Sunil Pal: With The Kapil Sharma Show Bidding Adieu, YouTube Comics Will Have Upperhand And Sell Rubbish Content

Now the most important part of an Indian wedding is – yes, more important than the free buffet – the playlist. You can have the perfect food, the perfect sherwani or even the perfect pandit, but unless you have the right kind of music, your wedding’s screwed. Thankfully, we have the East India Comedy – which has gives us the ‘The Ultimate Shaadi Playlist’ featuring the spoofs of various famous songs including Psy’s Gangnamy Style, Backstreet Boy’s Larger than Life and Queen’s We Will Rock You. Trust me; it will rock your world! Here’s the entire playlist: Also Read - Vijay Nair, Founder and CEO of Only Much Louder, unmasks his cyber stalker; Twitterati horrified by story!

  • Tik Tok by Kesha
  • We Will Rock You by Queen
  • Doing That Thing You Do by The Wonders
  • Royals by Lorde
  • Larger Than Life by Backstreet Boys
  • Thrift Shop by Macklemore
  • Summertime Sadness By Lana Del Ray
  • Gangnam Style by Psy

Mocking various aspects of traditional Indian culture, East India Comedy really has a winner with this video!