New Delhi: Since the last few weeks, predictions were rife that the doomsday is near and the world will come to an end this year, on June 21. A Mayan calendar theory about we being in 2012 and June 21 bringing the end of the world had been going viral.Also Read - Will The World Come to an End on June 21, 2020? Here's What Conspiracy Theorists Say

But June 21 came and went by and here we are!  Just like 2012, the Mayan Calendar has once again proven to be nothing but just a hoax. Well, now that the world didn’t end, netizens are calling out the Mayan calendar and flooding internet with memes and jokes:

Earlier, the Mayan calendar had predicted the end of the world for December 21, 2012, which also proved to be a hoax.  This time, conspiracy theorists had claimed that the date was read wrongly in 2012 and that the real end of the world will be June 21, 2020.

The claims actually arose following a tweet from self-proclaimed scientist Paolo Tagaloguin, who explained his theory on Twitter.

He wrote, ”“Following the Julian Calendar, we are technically in 2012. The number of days lost in a year due to the shift into Gregorian Calendar is 11 days. For 268 years using the Gregorian Calendar (1752-2020) times 11 days = 2,948 days. 2,948 days / 365 days (per year) = 8 years”.

However, according to, scientists believe it will be a long time before the end of the world is due to end. It isn’t going to be so soon!