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The year saw the proliferation of AlokNath memes, Rahul Gandhi gave the most epic interview of all time, a North Korean dictator threw a fit about a stoner movie and Narendra Modi became India’s first rockstar PM. Here are ten events that came close to breaking the internet in 2014: Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 House Pictures: Rainbow Couch, Metallic Decor And More - Sets go More Stunning This Year

Rahul Gandhi – the one who empowers Also Read - Sunny Leone Makes a Strange Post After Kangana Ranaut Questions Feminists For Calling Her Sexist in Urmila Matondkar Row


Rahul Gandhi, in one epic interview, convinced the nation not to vote for the Congress, a family business masquerading asa political party. Irrespective of the questions asked by Arnab, like a clueless engineering student during viva, Rahul Gandhi kept on repeating the phrases – women’s empowerment, RTI, involving the youth and changing the system. Sadly, the Congress went on to get routed in the Lok Sabha Elections, which means it’s unlikely we’ll get an encore any time soon.

Sony Hack: Kim has no sense of humour

kim-the interview

 If the year began with one political scion’s incompetence, it ended with another one throwing a fit. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un showed that he has absolutely no sense of humour, after the country took offense to a parody movie called The Interview starring James Franco and Seth Rogen. Hackers – probably backed by North Korea – took apart Sony Pictures, hacking into their system, making their internal communications public and finally threatening to attack theatres that showed the movie. Browbeaten, Sony decided not to release the movie in theatres; the US claimed North Korea was responsible which in turn led to them saying that they would attack the White House, the Pentagon and the US mainland. If things do escalate, this will be the first time anyone’s gone to war over a movie!

Kim Kardashian’s butt breaks the internet

kim kardashian

While one Kim acted like an ass, the other one just showed hers! Kim Kardashian and Paper the magazine did a photo-shoot which had Kim showing her ass and also balancing a glass of champagne on her bottom. This in turn led to countless articles, lists, op-eds and memes which made sane people question where the human race was headed.

Apple fan boys – welcome to 2012


In terms of fan boy behaviour, the iPhone is the Salman Khan of the developed world. It doesn’t matter what specifications the phone has, how it looks or how much it costs, every new phone is a smashing hit. The iPhone 6, spec-wise is very similar to the Nexus 4 – an Android phone launched in 2012 – but that didn’t stop it from becoming a best-seller.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ice bucket challenge

Not all things that go viral are trivial or pointless, as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge showed. Working to raise awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the event raised $220 million according to ALS Association CEO Barbara NewHouse. Everyone from Bill Gates to Benedict Cumberbatch took the challenge but my personal favourite was actresses Carla Gugino and MalinAkerman making out before the water is poured over their head. I don’t know how two hot actresses making out helps the cause, but I am not complaining.

The Fappenning

the fappening

Apple was again in the news for the wrong reason after it emerged that iCloud was hacked and personal pictures of famous celebrities includingJennifer Lawrence, Hayden Panettiere, Hope Solo, McKaylaMaroney, Rihanna, Lea Michelle and Kate Upton were released on the internet.While some blamed the celebrities for clicking nude pictures, this was actually a criminal invasion is similar to revenge porn, a term used to describe a phenomenon where individuals shared intimate pictures of their ex-partners to shame them. The intent and purpose is the same here, to shame and embarrass a particular individual, irrespective of their celebrity status. What a person chooses to do in the privacy of their house – even if that person is Jennifer Lawrence – is none of our business.

AlokNath – the power of the internet meme

alok nah

Who says nothing good comes from trolling people on the internet? Alok Nath – the eternal father in Bollywood movies – became the target of internet trolls with everyone mocking his ‘sanskari’ values. Instead of hurting the actor, the jokes opened a new career avenue for Babuji as he started appearing in funny videos and songs which ‘mocked’ his ‘values’.

Sunny Leone – the Lord of the Universe

sunny leone

The former porn star has replaced cricket, religion and politics as the new national obsession. For the third year running, she was Google’s Most Searched Celebrity in India, which means that no matter what earth-shattering even takes place; Sunny Leone continues to rule the roost. She still remains the most searched name on (despite quitting porn) and has dominated every YouTube list as well. In fact, I assume the only reason she doesn’t have more followers on Twitter and Facebook is the fact that we’re a nation of hypocrites who would never admit to our guilty pleasures!

The Khan Abs Wars

khan abs

There was a time when movies were about stories, but that was before producers discovered that all they needed to entice the audience was a Khan, abs and a Honey Singh song. Take for example, Happy New Year which was nothing more than an excuse for SRK to take his shirt off and our money. The major talking point of the movie was SRK’s 10-pack abs which enraged Salman fans who felt that showing off skin was Bhai’s thing. And at the same time SRK showed his 10 abs, a story emerged that Salman’s abs in Ek Tha Tiger was CGI magic which led to the biggest social media war in history.

The rise of NaMo

narendra modi

And finally, the year truly belonged to the ex-chaiwala who became India’s first rockstar PM. After waltzing into 7, Race Course Road, NaMo went on a world tour where he charmed everyone with his knowledge of Star Wars. Seriously, he became the most-talked about politician in the world and even won the Time Magazine’s Person of the Year online poll! Although his tenure has been marked by idiotic comments by Hindu nationalists and their brethren, there’s no denying the impact NaMo has had on the country. Never before has an Indian politician rocked the world so hard and I am beginning to feel begrudging respect for the man, like that famous journalist who loves riling NRIs. Hopefully, I won’t evolve into one of those annoying social media trolls who end every argument with ‘NaMoRoxx, your mother is a w#@e, you Aaptard’.