Rajgir: Are you a thrill seeker? If yes, then simply looking at images of China’s many glass bridges might have send your heart racing. However, you won’t have to travel all the way to China to experience such adventure, because our own country has not one, but two glass bridges of its own.Also Read - Thailand Trip Cost: This is The Least Amount of Money You Need in Your Bank Account if You're Planning to Visit The Country

After Rishikesh’s proposed bridge at Lakshman Jhula, the second glass bridge of the country is almost ready in Bihar’s Nalanda, in a bid to attract both local and international tourists. Along with this, the state-of-the-art ropeway and a zoo safari is also being constructed which will be opened to the general public very soon. The zoo safari, boasting of a variety of flora and fauna has already been recognized by the Central Zoo Authority. So double treat for tourists!

Notably, this glass bridge has been built on the lines of the 120 meter high glass bridge in Hangzhou province of China. Check out the video here:

When can you visit?

Come New Year 2021 and tourists will be able to set foot on this one-of-its-kind bridge.

Features of the bridge, which will make you want to visit

-The Glass Sky-walk Bridge has been constructed near the main entrance of the safari and is completely built of glass and steel.

-The total length of this sky-walk is 85 feet and the width is about 6 feet. Its height is about 250 feet from the valley and a total of 40 visitors can walk on it in one go.

-Built at the foothills of Rajgir’s Vaibhar Giri mountain, three 15 mm glass mirrors have been installed on this bridge. The total glass thickness is 45mm, which is completely transparent, due to which it will be quite thrilling to walk on it.

Here are other pictures :

A significant Buddhist seat of academic excellence and a modest pilgrim center, Nalanda is famous for being the largest and oldest university of ancient time. With this new attraction, tourism is surely going to grow by leaps and bounds!