When you think of a prison cell, what image comes to your mind? Thanks to the movies that we have seen, we are sure you might be picturing dirty, dark and small rooms, devoid of sunlight and basic amenities. While that image might hold true for many prisons across the world, you will be left with your jaw open when you see pictures of a Nordic prison. Also Read - Best Time To Visit Iceland, The Nordic Island Country of Northern Lights and Blue Lagoon

On Sunday, several images of the high-security prison located in Sweden went viral on social media, leaving users shocked. Instead of an overly crammed prison cell, the Nordic cell offers a cozy, neat, apartment-style comfort with enough space to move around.

“Nordic prison cells look like $3,000 apartments in San Francisco,” read the tweet by Darrell Owens. In another tweet, he explained that the first 2 photos are cells and the latter 2 are common areas for 12 prisoners.

Owens further compared the state of prisons and recreational homes in America, “If your goal is to rehabilitate people and steer them away from criminal lifestyles, curious which environment would foster a better outcome.”

People were bowled over the new-style prisons and were impressed with the facilities provided to the prisoners. Others were just in awe and commented that how this so-called jail looks better than their own apartments:

What do you think of such a jail structure?