New Delhi: ‘Say sorry and forget’ seems to be the new-age mantra even when it comes to serious crimes like stealing. A CCTV footage of a thief praying to the deity inside a Durga temple in Secunderabad has gone viral just because of the detailed ritual a person performed in front of the deity. Later, he turned out to be a thief who had come to steal the crown. But that doesn’t mean he’s devoid of devotion or penitence. He has both and we have the video as evidence.Also Read - Doctor Finds 700 Tapeworms In Man's Brain, Chest and Lungs After He Complains of Headaches

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Apart from standing in front of the deity with folded hands, he turned around several times at the same spot and then held his ears. Then he checked out whether he was visible by anyone and then he pulled off what his motive was from the beginning — stealing the crown, being oblivious of the fact that all his minute gestures will later be observed and marvelled at on social media through the CCTV footage. Also Read - Twinkle Khanna's 'Reading Fun' With Little Nitara Leaves Bookworms Smitten on Sunday And THIS Video is Proof!

He also takes a break in between stealing as the crown was not coming off easily. In that break too, he prayed to the deity.

A case has been registered under Section 380 (Theft in dwelling house) of the IPC.

We don’t know whether the thief will be caught or not because the blessings he has earned must have insulated him from every danger.