It is believed that life has its own way of punishing those who don’t get punished by the court of law for some reason. But little did this porch pirate knew that he will be punished right when he will be committing the crime. Also Read - Salman Khan Takes Selfie-Hugs Girl Fans at Dabangg 3 Promotions, Viral Video Leaves Internet Brooding With Jealousy

A report in Daily Mail UK showed a man stealing some items from a home in Colorado Springs but seems like he went on to show off more than he bargained for. The security cameras outside the house filmed the man and his pants that fell down as he bent and got up while running with the stolen items. Also Read - Shah Rukh Khan Gives Sweetest Reply to Indonesian Actor Who Thanked Him After Grabbing Best Actor Award - Watch Viral Video

The man first parked his bike outside the house and ran towards the gate to pick up an Amazon delivery package kept at the door of the house. He bent down and picked up the package. However, the moment he started running back towards his bike, he experienced a tragic wardrobe malfunction. The man’s speed was deterred by his falling pants that got stuck at the knees and even led to his underwear falling off the right place, though it didn’t go too far. Also Read - Twitterati Hail Bhuvan Bam's Viral Video 'My Duty' on Rape Culture, Video Garners 7.5 Million Views

The entire incident was captured on the CCTV footage that led the owner of the house, Paul, took notice of the crime. In his interview with Newsflare after the incident, he revealed that the packet that the man stole carried his birthday gift and a Christmas gift that his parents had sent for his son. Paul added that the video showed the misery of the thief and the kind of life he was living. He went on to say that he is going to use the footage to alarm other houses in the vicinity and catch the man with their help. Paul also mentioned that he has submitted the video to the local police station.

Well, this is just a funny example of what happens when your life gets back at you!