If you think your job is tough, just hear out this story of a Thailand veterinary doctor who ended up being covered in excrement while treating a constipated elephant. Recently, an elderly elephant at the nature park in Chiang Mai, Thailand was suffering with a severe case of blockage, which can be fatal if left untreated.Also Read - Republic Day 2022: ITBP Jawans Play Instrumental Version of 'Mera Mulk Mera Desh' | Watch

Seeing the animal in distress, Dr Tom was called to treat the elephant following which he quickly administered enema to flush the trapped waste out. After removing a huge portion of poo trapped in the elephant’s anus, the vet was hit square in the face by a yellowish deluge as the floodgates opened! Also Read - Viral Video: Dhokla Khandvi Ice Cream Roll Is Latest Bizarre Food Fusion On Internet; Must Watch

The video of the incident has gone viral on social media, with some people amused by it and others understandably, disgusted. However, jokes apart, people have also applauded Dr Tom’s dedication to his job and hailed him for helping a distressed animal out of pain. Also Read - Viral Video: Little Girl Sings Bhojpuri Song Dedicated to Her Parents, Moves Internet to Tears | Watch

Here’s the video: (Watch at your own risk)

‘Oh wow, that’s a rough day at work,’ one user wrote. ‘But so important. The relief that the team brought to the elephant truly was live-saving’.

Another wrote: ‘Oh wow hahaha it’s so funny but so amazing what you have done to help this beautiful elephant! Well done!’