We see a lot of people homeless and begging everyday. There are times when we just avert our faces and ignore them and then there are times when we just feel pity and reach out to them. But then, there are definitely times when we wonder if the pennies we give away are really helping the men. Saying a no becomes especially difficult if the person is disabled in any way or is a child. Also, we often just ignore the entire situation thinking it’s just a penny or two. It won’t really make a dent in your savings or earnings but then it might help that poor, needy person.

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But then, somewhere we all know that the entire begging operation is rigged. There are people who control the operation and these disabled people hardly ever get the money they earn. Many times, the people also fake being disabled and so, you never really know. There have been many cases of people even from middle class families or having a good income have resorted to begging just because it was an easy and simpler way to earn. There have been many sting operations conducted on beggars all over the world with many beggars caught. Some of these beggars also earn way more than you can dream of – earn enough to be able to afford fancy homes which they then rent out and make even more money!

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In this video, people went and secretly checked up on a  beggar who was claiming to be lame and begging. When they pulled the pants off the began, they discovered he was wearing shorts inside and had simply curled his legs to make them appear as if he was lame! And what’s more, when his deception was revealed, he simply walked off, without any shame, remorse or guilt! Well, you gotta hand it to the man! There are many who are still supporting the beggar as they feel keeping his legs bent is reason enough to give the man his dues as it isn’t an easy task. Well, what do you think? Thrash him or continue giving him the pennies?