With travel taking a backseat because of the pandemic, many people are unable to visit their homes and are feeling homesick. Well, to ease their homesickness, a company based in the United Kingdom called ‘My Baggage’ has started selling bottled air for people who are missing their native places. The idea for this product came after the company conducted research that linked the human sense of smell with emotional memories.Also Read - 2022 CWG Cricket Competition: Five Teams To Compete For Lone Remaining Slot

“While many UK residents hanker after a new exciting life in another country, relocating leaves some pining for home. The hope is that a bottle of air from one of our home nations will ease homesickness and make settling into a new country that much easier,” the company was quoted as saying by Daily Mail. Also Read - Hong Kong Airport Bans Transit Travellers From 153 Countries, Including India Amid Rising COVID Cases

“We wanted to help them reconnect with home and we know from published research that our sense of smell is very evocative when it comes to emotions. By allowing recipients to take a deep breath of the air from their home country we’re hoping to ease homesickness and help them settle into their new life, wherever that may be,” he said. Also Read - South Africa to Host Australia, England in 2023, Confirms Graeme Smith

The company is currently selling bottles of air from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for the UK citizens who are living somewhere else in the world. The bottles have been priced at £25 which comes to Rs. 2,500 approximately.

Each 500ml ‏of air comes with a cork stopper so the owners can open (it) for a moment, take a breath and quickly close again, allowing many weeks or even months of use.

Apart from the four locations in UK, the company also takes special requests for people who want air from a specific location in the UK. Would you ever buy one?