New Delhi: Every once in a while, a bizarre challenge takes over the internet, which makes no sense at all and ends up becoming dangerous for all those involved. Recently, a new viral TikTok challenge with potentially dangerous consequences, has been doing the rounds on social media.Also Read - Watch | TikTok User Gets An Entire Harmonica Stuck in Mouth That Plays Music When She Breathes

Dubbed as the ‘Eye challenge’, the trick is to use one’s phone’s front camera to make short videos while keeping the flash on and the user is required to look directly into the bright flash without any filter. Well, the basic idea of the challenge is to momentarily change one’s eye colour and participants are using TikTok’s S5 filter to do so. Also Read - TikTok Hand Emoji Challenge: Ankita Konwar Nails The TikTok Dance- Watch Video

The trend started after a TikTok user Maliabroo claimed that if anybody has brown eyes then S5 filter on the app changes them to blue. In her video, she explained: “If you have brown eyes…this filter turns them blue! S5 + back camera and flash.”

But apparently it doesn’t work! The S5 filter is actually just a pre-set filter on TikTok which adds a blue tinge to videos, and doesn’t change your eye colour at all.

It can lead to blindness

However, the challenge can have disastrous results because exposure to bright light can damage the retina and also cause permanent blind spot. Multiple reports say that the flash from the back camera which is aimed directly at the eyes may cause ‘Flash Blindness’ which is temporary but for some, it can also cause permanent blindness.

Watch the video here (But don’t try this at home)