Defying all odds and redefining needs to be a swimmer 11-year-old Gopi Chand is swimming with big dreams. Gopi who hails from Ballari in Karnataka, India is not letting his disability affect his dreams. The young boy loves swimming and wants to win laurels for the country. Gritted by determination this swimmer wades effortlessly through the water like other kids of his age. He says, “I love swimming and I want to bring more medals.” Also Read - Watch: 71-Year-Old Portugal President Swims to Save Two Women From Drowning After Their Kayak Overturns

In 2015, Gopi lost his legs in an accident. He was crossing the road to buy ice cream when a bus ran over his leg. He joined Swimming classes in November 2016 and today he swims like his friends. Seeing that Gopi learned swimming like any other student his coach taught his various styles. He knows backstroke, eight laps back free, breaststroke and butterfly. Gopi thanks his coach Rajini Lakka for training him just like other students. Also Read - Olympian Katie Ledecky Swims Across Pool With Glass of Milk Balanced on Her Head | Watch Viral Video

Gopi has won gold and silver medals in state competitions. He trains one hour every day. Rajini runs free service for disabled children and has trained 50 disabled students. She started the service in 2014 and teaches swimming to students with disabilities such as hearing impaired, mute, blind and with other special needs. Many of them have reached national and state level competitions. Among the students is Kaveri, a visually impaired swimmer who said, “I was really scared in the beginning. But the hard work has helped me get rid of this fear.” Also Read - Swimming During Pregnancy Can be a Real Treat For Expecting Mothers, Here is How

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Most of the children who come to train under Rajini are from families which do not have access to activities. Rajini has been raising funds for the students from family members, charities, and the government. They are now planning to train themselves for international Paralympics. (Image-The Better India, AJ+)