Abuja: Would you wait for 12 hours for a job interview? Well, you ought to be extremely patient to wait for such a long time for an interview, given that you already are a lot of stress in the first place. Also Read - Maid Makes Her Boyfriend Create Fake FB Profile of Employer, Posts Obscene Messages As Revenge

But such a thing really happened in Nigeria, where an employer hoping to test the patience of prospective staff after he made candidates wait for almost 12 hours, as per a report in the Daily Mail. Recently, Jerry Doubles, from Nigeria took to Twitter to reveal the bizarre story that has left social media users enraged. Also Read - Upset Over Not Getting a Salary Hike, Man Stages Robbery of Rs 10 Lakh to Take Revenge From His Boss

Jerry, in a tweet says that six job seekers were being asked to attend a job interview at 7 am, only to be left waiting all day. After waiting for a considerable amount of time, four of them left while two of them stayed until the interviewer finally arrived at 6pm. Also Read - Employer Abducts Staff, Sprays Sanitiser On His Genitals After Dispute Over Lockdown Expenses

And guess what? They were rewarded with jobs for passing the test of patience.

‘An employer invited six people for an interview at 7:00am, they were all dressed and sharp before the time. He told them to wait. By 3:00 pm, three had left. By 6:00 pm, he came and met only two. They got the job. That was the interview. Test of PATIENCE’ he tweeted.

Meanwhile, after this tweet went viral, people have slammed the employer for wasting the candidates’ time, which they could have utilized in doing something more worthwhile. Some others argued making candidates wait for extensive periods reveals to the employer who can be exploited.

What do you think of this?