New Delhi: A video of fearless cat scaring away a black bear standing outside the door of a house in a hilly area is making round in the internet. In the video, one can see the bear in the porch lumbering about and sniffing stuff near the glass door while cat sits quietly inside the house staring at the bear. In the very next moment, the cat walks towards the glass door and when the bear comes close to the door, the cat jumps scaring the bear away from the porch. The cat successfully managed to scare the bear as it can be seen in shock and running away immediately.Also Read - Explained | Who Are ASHA, the Women Healthcare Volunteers Whom WHO Honoured As Global Health Leaders

While the video is just few seconds long, that’s all the time the cat needed to charge the door and send the bear running in the other direction. Also Read - FULL Scorecard of Gujarat Titans vs Rajasthan Royals IPL 2022 Highlights GT vs RR, Recent Match Report

The video reportedly was trending over the web few years back and it has made its way back to the internet after it was shared on Twitter by a user recently. The video is of  a the cat named Nani who comes face-to-glass-door-to-face — with a black bear which wandered onto her porch. Also Read - Delhi Government Extends Delhi Retail Liquor Licence By 2 Months

After the video went viral, Nani’s owner said, “She’s not usually the heroic type. She’s really such a fraidy-cat most of the time. I don’t know what got into her.”

Watch the video here: