This video blogger brushes her teeth with strawberry pulp and the reason why she does that is amazing. So do you have pale teeth and want to whiten your teeth instantly? Then you should probably try this Fail, Holy Grail, or Holy Fail hack. Also Read - Google Launches a New, Pinterest-Style App Called 'Keen' For Users to Collect & Share Ideas

Bright red juicy strawberries contain malic acid which is actually a natural enamel whitener. So using strawberry helps you to get whiter teeth instantly. To make a DIY at-home whitening treatment all you need is a strawberry, some baking soda and tooth brush.(ALSO READ: This girl uses mayonnaise as her hair conditioner! Will you try the mayonnaise conditioner beauty hack?) Also Read - DIY Pedicure: Get Healthy And Happy Feet at Home During The Lockdown

Crush the strawberry to a pulp and the add baking soda into it. Mix well then spread it on your teeth with your toothbrush. You have to brush for five minutes. Once you rinse, you will find that you have instantly white teeth! So can strawberries and baking soda really whiten your teeth instantly?Try this popular Pinterest beauty hack and check out whether it is a Fail, Holy Grail, or Holy Fail! Also Read - Natural DIY Tips for Glowing Skin