A minor girl suffered severe injuries when her hair got entangled in a ferris wheel. The girl was reportedly taking selfie near the ride when the accident happened. The incident took place in outside a college in Baraut city of Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. The video of the dangerous accident is going viral on social media with people outraging against the selfie fever among youth. The girl has been rushed to a hospital where she is undergoing treatment.Also Read - Viral Video: Man Mistakes Crocodile For Statue, Almost Loses His Arm. Watch

The 16-year-old girl was trying to take a selfie with ferris wheel in the background. But she went too close to the ride and her hair got stuck in the Ferris wheel. In the accident, a large portion of her hair got ripped off from her scalp, resulting bleeding from her head. In the video, the girl is seen in semi-unconscious condition, while her friends and local try to free her hair from the Ferris wheel. The video contains graphic content. The girl’s hair got entangled in the large spinning wheel and was slowly tugged completely off. (ALSO WATCH: Man attempts to take selfie with python in Mt. Abu; watch what happens next!) Also Read - Weightlifting Dulhan: Bride Hits The Gym Before Wedding. Watch Viral Video

On the occassion of Dussehra ferris wheels are set-up at Ramleela maidans across the country. People in large numbers visit grounds where play based on stories of Mahabharata are organised. While adult watch Ramleela shows, children enjoy rides like ferris wheel. But such rides are extremely danger if proper safety equipments and rescue facilities are not available. Besides that, the selfie fever which has got over youngsters nowadays as they pay no heed to danger while clicking selfie. The trends has claimed several lives in the country. Also Read - Viral Video: Mother Throws Baby Into Pile of Pillows But Misses, Netizens Can't Stop Laughing

Watch the video of the horrific accident below: