The best from waste award should go to the small town of Kanodar in the Bansankhtha district of Gujarat because they have started a novel initiative related to sewage water. They have an auction for the sewage water collected. The bidding happens every year. The sewage water is used in farming, for irrigation purposes as there is low groundwater prevailing in the village. Due to this hurdle the village Panchayat gets more revenues from the government. Sewage water which we find useless and throw away are utilized in this village who is gaining revenue from it. The village Panchayat first thought of this awesome idea three years back, and now they have been working upon this idea for the past two years rigorously. Also Read - Rajasthan: Five-year-old Girl Banished From Village For 11 Days by Panchayat For Accidentally Squashing Bird's Egg

Due to the following of this idea the village Panchayat has received revenue of Rs, 80,000. The village farmers as well as the Panchayat are happy with the scheme of things and with their novel initiative. The population density of Kanodar village is 13,000 and its literacy rate is a whopping 100 per cent. The villagers keep a check on the water that flows in the sewage. Strict rules and guidelines are followed. No plastic is thrown into the sewage and in reality, not even the water from the toilet goes into the sewage directly. A sewage system is built under the ground in every house and only the water released from household activities is released into these gutters. Army Wives Fight At An Event, PMO Left Embarrassed As Case Reaches Its Desk Also Read - California Man Wins Recycling Contest By Creating A 10,000 Cigarette Butt Surfboard Out Of Waste

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The numerous gutters in the village are all connected intricately via one pipeline which goes directly into the main sewage where all the water is collected. The highest bidder at the auction gets authorized by the Panchayat for a duration of one year. The Head of Panchayat Mohammad Khan reportedly said, “One year after the gutter lines were built in Kanodar, we were struck with the idea that the water collected in the gutter is merely wasted.”