Like, seriously? Heard of a monkey being kidnapped by two people, somewhere in the Indian state of Maharashtra? Well, watch the video if you don’t believe us! Exclusive footage of two people trapping a monkey and dumping him in their car has gone viral! “This is completely inhuman,” says the person who has shared this video on YouTube. This guy probably doesn’t know that monkey export was allowed in India until 1978, for research purposes! Also Read - Urmila Matondkar to Join Shiv Sena Today, Year After Quitting Congress

What the men in the car were planning to do with the little monkey they kidnapped, or monkey-napped, is best known to them. In the video, the other monkeys are seen helpless, even as the man smartly baits one of their breed and takes him away in the back of the car! Also Read - Coronavirus: Maharashtra Extends Lockdown Restrictions Till Dec 31, Essential Services Allowed

It seems the men will probably make the animal dance on the roads, or might even use it for research. Monkey brain is not a delicacy usually available in India, so we don’t even want to think on those lines as to what must have happened to the kidnapped monkey! Watch the strange video of the monkey being kidnapped and decide for yourself. Also Read - Defying Odds, 34-Year-Old Differently-Abled Woman Becomes Sarpanch of 2 Maharashtra Villages