When you are on the street, you have nothing. Living on the streets, without even the basic necessities of life, is a tough task. A lot of us take the luxuries of life for granted. It is time that we stop doing so and do something for those who are deprived. These people don’t need a lot of money or a fancy car or a luxurious life. All they want is a place they can call ‘home.’ A small gesture of love can definitely make a huge difference, that’s the message Mediocre Films delivers from this video below.Also Read - Man Helps Thirsty Eagle Drink Water From Bottle, Internet Touched by Kind Gesture | Watch

They pulled a huge surprise for about 30 struggling homeless people by calling them over to their office and giving them a complete makeover! Not only free food, but they also got a haircut and spa therepy which brought a big smile on their face. They thought they were invited just for a free meal but little did they know, they had a lot more in store for them. Also Read - Rs 10 Lakhs Cash Including Demonetised Notes Recovered from Deceased Beggar's Home in Tirumala

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