Indian’s are showcasing their talents on the popular American show America’s Got Talent. Earlier, Mumbai dance group V Unbeatable surprised the judges of the show with their amazing dance moves and now, a Sikh group, The Bir Khalsa Group, left the judges terrified with their dangerous act. Also Read - Indian Dance Group V Unbeatable Wins America's Got Talent: The Champions, Creates a Proud History

The group consists of three members – Kawaljit Singh, Jagdeep Singh, and Karanjeet Singh. As soon as the trio entered the stage, Judge Julianne Hough murmured, “I’ve never seen a man that tall before.” Howie Mandel, on the other hand, exclaimed, “OMG!” They first introduced themselves to the judges and revealed how they met. After a humorous intro, it was time for the judges to hold their breaths. Also Read - Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh Support V Unbeatable to Win ‘America's Got Talent: The Champions’ Trophy

In the act, blindfolded Kawaljit Singh tries to smash watermelons and coconuts kept on the floor. Sounds easy right? But, it does not end there, Jagdeep Singh lies on the ground with the fruits around his body. Kawaljit’s task is to smash all of it with a huge hammer without hitting Jagdeep. Also Read - Mumbai Dance Group Makes it to 'America's Got Talent' Final

The judges kept yelling throughout the act but at the same time could not stop praising the group for successfully completing it.