There are weird things people do to get a world record. And if it is the most prestigious Guinness World Records, then there’s no stopping them. All the plugs are pulled and people go all out to try and best their predecessor. And if it is a first time record, then the nervousness is greater as you never know where you might go wrong and one mistake and it is all over! There are records for all imaginable and then some unimaginable things and if you feel you have the idea, the Guinness World Record guys will definitely give you a chance! For this one man from India, a Mr. Krishna Kumar,  it was pretty simple. He wanted a new record in hugging and since he didn’t want to wait forever, he would try doing it in one minute!

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So Krishna Kumar from Rock Town in LB Nagar at Hyderabad chose the 5th of March 2016 as the d-Day and decided that would be the day he would give the maximum hugs! And did he manage to do it? Yes! He hugged 79 people in a minute! Wow! That is one record that’s gonna be seriously difficult to break! But it is not the record that is awesome, rather it is the way he achieved the record that is absolutely hilarious! Now, obviously, he did not go about hugging any Tom Dick and Harry. No, instead, he had a queue of people for him (around 100 we guess) and just like we go to touch the idol’s feet in Indian temples and are then hustled right out, he would hug the person and immediately pull the next one, leaving the first.

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The whole process is absolutely hilarious and the video shared by Guinness World Records on Facebook has gone viral, getting thousands of shares! According to Krishna Kumar, hugging boosts morale and makes you feel good so no, you never really need a reason to hug. He created a record by hugging 79 people, although, some of the hugs were discounted by Guinness World Record as they did not quality has full fledged hugs. Now that Guinness World Records has said the record cannot be broken, it is almost a challenge for other aspirants to come up with unique ways to hug! Some even came up with techniques like lying on the floor and roll around hugging people! There are also many who are refusing to accept the half-chest bumps as hugs and asking Guinness to ramp up their standards.

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Indians have come up with unique ways to get into the record books. There is also another Indian who is trying to circumnavigate the Earth in 120 days on a cycle! Some other interesting records held by Indians are for The World’s Longest Turban (by Avtar Singh Mauni from Punjab whose turban is 645 metres); The World’s Shortest Woman (by Jyoti Amge who is 2 feet tall); The World’s Biggest Chapati (made by Shree Jalarm Mandir Jirnodhar Samitee in Jamnagar and the chapati weighed 63.99 kg); Typing Fastest Using The Nose (by Khurshid Hussain who typed a 103 characters long sentence in mere seconds using just his nose)! Wow! These are some crazy things! Wanna try and break one of them?