We all have our smartphones protected and don’t want anyone prey on it. From passcodes to gesture locks we make sure that the personal data in the phone remains private. But are those passcodes and locks really fool-proof to keep your phone safe? Well, here is a video uploaded on YouTube by jgor null that shows us how an attacker can bypass the lock screen of your Andriod phone.  Also Read- Smart watch may leak your data to hackers. Also Read - Twitter Starts Rolling Out Spaces on Android in India, Know All About The Audio Chat Tool

You can relax; if you are not using the latest version of the Android operating system. As the trick affects Lollipop OS only. Moreover, if you have a gesture lock you need not worry, but if you depend on passcodes, then this thing if for you. Also Read- Scientists hack into Gmail with 92% accuracy.  Also Read - Bihar Man Commits Massive Rs 94 Lakh Fraud by Hacking Vodafone Idea Email Address

The hacking process is easy, but is going to take some time. Basically, it needs you to copy and paste few characters for a long time. Well, we are not giving it all away here, you need to check the video below and follow it. And we no way endorse that you go and try to hack someone’s phone. No way! Also Read - Personal Data of 26 Lakh Airtel Users From J&K Leaked, Being Sold in Bitcoin on The Web