Amit (nicknamed Mook) couldn’t imagine life without a beard. It had been a part of the 44-year-old, his constant companion for the past 14 years. This thick bunch of hair was his pride and when asked by M6 razor blades to shave the tuft off, his reaction was: “5 minutes of shock, bitter weeping for half an hour and then acceptance.” And while Mook might have finally come to terms with his fate, what do you think happens when his family see him without a beard for the first time? Also Read - Men, Forget Your Razors & Flaunt Your Beards As No-Shave November is Here | Know How to Participate

The shock coupled with the look on their faces is priceless! The entire concept will blow you away, but wait till he describes his experience post the shaving. It’s almost romantic, the way he elaborates his first moments without a beard. That’s one heck of an advert and one gutsy man! Also Read - Muslim Cop in Uttar Pradesh's Baghpat Suspended For Keeping a Beard Without Permission

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