India is a country where we revere and give respect to everything. Hinduism doesn’t only have gods and goddesses but nature, animals, rivers, children, and books everything is pious and worshipped. Every now and then we have some self-confessed godman emerge from the masses and proclaim to know the right path and we invariably start following him. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, Asaram Bapu, Radhe Ma are all testimony to the blind faith that Indian people have in these people. However, when people start worshipping a well-trained monkey thinking that he is the reincarnation of Lord Hanuman it sure seems going a little too far. However, for people of Panagarh in West Bengal this monkey is a reincarnate of Lord Hanuman and they have been thronging to pay their due respects to him. However, this monkey seems a better option than the other self-proclaimed babas.Also Read - Viral Video: Officer At Indian Embassy In New York Loses Cool, Screams At Woman | Must Watch

The video shows a well-trained monkey giving ‘aashirwad’ or blessings to people when they come to touch his feet. They are also calling him Hanuman Ji in accordance with Lord Hanuman the devout devotee of Lord Rama. Like Lord Hanuman who was supposed to be celibate the monkey doesn’t give blessings to women. A man can be heard saying in the video that the monkey doesn’t give blessings to women and rightly so when a woman approaches to touch his feet he duly ignores her. However, he doesn’t have any qualms giving blessings to other men. Is Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh a Super Human? Watch Video of Dera Sacha Sauda Leader & Godman Playing Sports Also Read - Viral Video: Agitated King Cobra Hidden Inside Kitchen in Odisha Rescued. Watch

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Watching these videos and seeing people’s behaviour one questions that who is the rational and more intelligent of the two – people or the monkey. It seems that the monkey has won this round since he is winding people on his little clawed fingers but wonder what happened to the people. Isn’t it high time that people realise that the monkey is just a well-trained animal and not to put their faith in such gimmicks. But then if they knew the difference we wouldn’t have such good-for-nothing godmen around, no? It’s better that they are praying to a monkey, at least he wouldn’t go ahead and rape a woman and make his followers burn the city.