Max Okun was born with one arm, but today he is the most inspiring bodybuilder. Yes, he was not bogged down by the fact that he was born with only an arm. He is one inspiring person who proves that there is no excuses when it comes to doing something with a whole lot of determination. He does not find excuses to stop him from doing what he is doing today. Nobody can stop him from bulking up and working out at the gym. Also Read - Coronavirus: 5 COVID-19 Symptoms That Won’t Seem to go

Okun is now a personal trainer and nutritionist. He helps other people to stay motivated by dishing out advice to them on Instagram and Facebook. With this he hopes to inspire others to hit the gym and stay motivated towards working out for their body and thereby lead a healthy lifestyle. He is one of the most strongest person you will ever come across who feels that there is no such thing as giving up. (ALSO READ: This 26-year-old painter with no fingers is about to tell you the greatest motivational story ever!). Also Read - Dragon Fruit Benefits: 5 Amazing Health Benefits of This Bright Pink Fruit

Okun goes by the mantra that in the end you will realise that the fight and all the struggle has made you better and stronger in the long run. When he was warned about how he could end up in a wheelchair before 40 since his back was damaged, he was determined enough to build a new one! Kudos to the young fitness fanatic! Also Read - Colorectal Cancer: A Simple, Cheap Test Can Help Potentially Save Lives, Suggests Research