A private commercial bank in Pakistan has enforced a new conservative dress code for its female employees which has received massive backlash on social media for being ‘discriminatory’ and ‘sexist’.Also Read - 'Disgusting Mentality': #SackRekhaSharma Trends on Twitter After NCW Chief's Old 'Vile & Sexist' Tweets Go Viral

Calling it ‘cultural requirement’, Faysal Bank has made it compulsory for all its women employees to wear ‘hijab’ and ‘loose-fitting dress’ under its latest dress code. However, there is no such ruling for the male employees of the company.

The dress code order states, “All female employees should dress elegantly with cultural norms that are shalwar kameez, kurta suit, or any modest dressing.”

“All the female staff in the Islamic Banking Group that Head Office and Islamic Branches (existing and new) are required to wear Hijab (a scarf covering the entire head and hair, and a gown without being ostentatious covering hands up to wrists and till toes) while on duty, training and clients’ visits, as required by Islamic injunction,” the order added.

It added that the adherence to this dress code is mandatory and shall be communicated in interview sessions with new candidates. The female staff has also been asked to show caution in their makeup and jewellery selection.

Not all women are on board with the new dress code, with some saying that they have never worn a hijab before. The move has also triggered outrage and attracted strong reaction from people on social media:

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