A wedding day is filled with memorable moments for the groom and bride to cherish them for rest of their life. However, this turned odd for this Punjabi couple and they will surely not love to be reminded of it. What happened is so hilarious that the couple would want everyone to forget about it.

This wedding will not be talked about how groom and bride gazed into each others eyes during the ceremonies. No one would even complain about the food at the wedding like the typical uncle and aunties do. This wedding was much more than that and it would leave you laughing in splits.

In the video uploaded on youtube, the Punjabi bride and groom are doing the rounds of the holy book of Sikhs, when the groom had a disastrous wardrobe malfunction. His pyjama starts to fall down. To save himself from further embarrassment, he tries to hold onto it and stops midway in the phera. (ALSO READ: IIT Madras students make hilarious parody of ‘Call me Maybe’ video song on arrange marriage, goes viral)

Reaches out to help one of the female relative of the groom, covers him up and ties the pyjama for the groom once again. Everyone else attending the wedding couldn’t help but had a good laugh at it and nothing worst happened.

Now that he video is on internet and getting viral, we cannot say if the world will be able to forget this. But happy wishes to the couple. Have a good laugh at it and while you do so pray that nothing of this sort happens at any of our weddings. The world will laugh back at you.

Watch the video here: