If you find buying distressed jeans quite expensive, you can now rip you own jeans at home! It is really easy to rip your own with some right steps and materials. This DIY video will help you to rip your jeans quickly and easily. All you need to gather for this DIY project is a pair of jeans that you want to rip, scissors, a razor, sharp knife or box cutters. To create a frayed look you can also make use of sandpaper, a cheese grater, a razor or a pumice stone. Also Read - Ditch The Bling, Opt For Soothing Pastel Hues This Summer

Lay your jeans out flat to start with it, or else you could do this also while wearing the jeans to get a good judgement when picking the spot to rip. But if you are wearing it while doing the ripping, you need to be careful so that you don’t cut yourself.Always use caution with sharp tools. Choose the spot and make the rip across your body, not up and down. Use a needle or a tweezers to put out the threads one by one. Also Read - Dia Mirza Shares Stunning Pictures From Her Mehendi, Wears a Sunny Bright Suit - See Pics

You can always reinforce your jeans by sewing around the perimeter of the ripped part, so that the holes don’t get even bigger.Do keep in mind to avoid adding rips near the seams of you jeans. Now watch the video below, grab your jeans and a pair of scissor and flaunt your brand new ripped jeans! Also Read - Fashion Designer Sabyasachi Brings 4 Forgotten Beauty Trends Back in Vogue