Of late, media has come under the scanner and many TV channels have received widespread criticism for the sensational and fair coverage of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. The channels have been slammed by many for relentlessly targeting Rhea Chakraborty and airing unverified information while deliberately ignoring many real issues like coronavirus, GDP, economy and India-China standoff. Also Read - 'Thanks to Our Media, World Paying More Attention to India,' Says PM Modi

Miffed by the sorry state of affairs, a Twitter user named Kartik Sahni decided to write an obituary for journalism.

“With profound regret, we announce the demise of Ms M.E. Dia, beloved daughter of Mr E.E Dom (F.R.) and wife of Mr T.ruth in New Delhi on 8 September 2020. Mourned by family and friends.” the obituary reads.

However, what’s interesting is that the obituary actually got published in a leading English newspaper, apparently because it got confused by the clever wordplay. Check it out:

If you are confused too, the obituary actually means to say, ”With profound regret, we announce the demise of Ms Media, beloved daughter of Mr Freedom, and wife of Ms Truth.”

Ms M.E.Dia is media, Mr E.E.Dom (F.R.) is freedom and Mr T.Ruth is truth. Got it, now?

Well, the tweet has gone viral and netizens are lauding Karthik for tricking the newspaper into publishing the obituary, with such smart wordplay and creativity.

What do you think?