Animals are the best entertainment and they just never fail to make us laugh! And, when they do human-like activities, they’re even more fun to watch. In one such video of a cat that is winning the hearts of people all over the internet. In the viral video, the cat can be seen playing the piano with full concentration without even looking here and there even for a second. The video went viral after it was shared by one Twitter user named Buitengebieden with the caption, “This cat is really talented..”.Also Read - Viral Video: Football Fans Use American Flag to Save a Falling Cat at US Stadium | Watch

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The video is gaining loads of love from netizens and has already garnered over 108K views, 1,876 Retweets and 7,871 Likes. While many cat lovers have posted similar videos of their cats in the comment section, some even wrote comments like, “That is adorable. I truly believe that some cats have a high aesthetic sense”, “That cat has far better improvising skills” and many more.

Watching such fun-filled animal videos not only lifts up your mood but helps you brighten up your day. As per various research studies, it is not just pets that helps you relieve stress, but such animal videos also act as stress busters for people who don’t have their own one.