There is a picture shared by Alaska Airlines which is baffling the internet from past two days. The dazzling photograph was originally shot by an Instagram user who runs the blog ‘Away From the Office’. The pic, which is going viral shows, two women, lying down on a beach in Hawaii. The picture is so beautiful that we can’t keep our eyes off. Many users have dropped comments that the pic is fake. Can you make out from where the pic looks fake and what’s wrong with the picture? Also Read - This Viral Image of Two Widowed Fairy Penguins Hugging Each Other Wins Photography Prize

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Many of the Instagrammers think that the photograph is photoshopped because it shows only one set of footprints leading up to the two women.

One of the users’ comment, “Love this photo! But how is there only one set of footprints when there are two people in the photo? So the other person didn’t walk there?”

A guessing game is going on, another user comments, “At first I can’t laugh, but imagining all the possible ways these two amazing women must have done to leave just one set of footprints made me laugh.”

The third user says, “The girl in red walked along the incoming surf and then walked to her friend and lied down on the beach …her footprints were washed away during the incoming tide.”

However, Rebecca Pattee, who is one of the women pictured and who captured the shot using a drone, has defended her picture and said it’s not fake.

Rebecca writes, “My friend @robynw_photos walking in my footsteps is probably a lot easier than being a mermaid, getting dropped off by a UFO, carrying my friend or spending hours learning photoshop cause I don’t know how to use it .”

Finally, Robyn,  the second girl from the pic explained, “I walked in her footsteps. Easiest solution.”