A picture of very unusual but magnificent cloud waves in the sky has left netizens surprised and they just can’t stop looking at it. On Tuesday, the picture was clicked in Virginia’s Lake Smith Mountain showing the rare cloud formation above the green fields. The stunning view was captured by Facebook user Amy Christie Hunter. The unique wave-shaped clouds are known as Kelvin-Helmholtz instability waves. Also Read - Emma Coronel, Wife of ‘El Chapo’ Who Helped Him Escape From Prison Arrested on Drug Charges

Sharing the picture, Amy wrote, “Very cool clouds rolling over the mountain tops at Smith Mountain Lake this evening. They are called Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds. I sent the photo to our local news station and the meteorologist replied to me saying they are very rare and usually not this defined. (sic)” Also Read - Shoplifters in Virginia Wear Watermelons on Head As Disguise to Rob a Store, Pics Go Viral

Check out the picture here:

The picture went viral on social media and fetched over 800 likes, 303 comments and 843 shares. One user commented, “That is so beautiful!” while the other wrote, “Wow they look like a painting.” Also Read - Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar takes over as Vice Chief of Navy

As per WDBJ 7, the ocean wave-like clouds is formed when there are unstable conditions in the atmosphere. It occurs when there is a difference in wind speed between two layers of air and usually doesn’t last long.

As per the Weather Special Service, “Vertical waves in the air associated with wind shear across statically-stable regions. They can appear as breaking waves and as braided patterns in radar images and cloud photos.”