Many of us love eating chicken, however, we should be very careful while swallowing the pieces as it may have a bone. A woman in China swallowed a chicken bone when she was seven or eight years old and the bone got stuck in her lungs, leaving her to coughing fits. The 22-year-old patient, who has remained anonymous, suffered persistent cough ever since she swallowed the piece of bone. Also Read - ‘My Party is Over, Hope There is No Hangover‘: Chennai Man's Self-Written Obituary Goes Viral, Makes People Emotional

The woman went through hospital scans to try to determine the cause of the coughing fit, but the docs at the time saw no anomalies. The persistent coughing turned into breathing problems but the woman was reportedly misdiagnosed with bronchiectasis. Also Read - Rare Two-Headed Baby Shark Caught by Fisherman in Maharashtra's Palghar, Pictures Go Viral

Her symptoms did not subside for years even after taking medicines for her condition. Therefore, the doctors decided to go for hyperhidrosis surgery. But before doing so she wanted to first resolve her breathing difficulties. Also Read - Watch: Here's The Perfect Cheese Balls Recipe For Your Cheat Days!

The CT scans revealed there was a foreign body lying at the base of her right lung, so the surgeon performed a bronchoscopy in an attempt to identify it. The process involves inserting a bronchoscope tube with a light and small camera through the nose or mouth and down the throat to the bronchi and bronchioles of the lungs.

The object turned out to be a bone belonging to a chicken or a duck. Scans show the bone clearly visible in the woman’s lung.

It seems baffling the young woman could have swallowed the bone without realising what had happened.