Most people wait years and years to have their dream jobs, but this 3-year-old got to live his dream life for a day as a firefighter. Also Read - What Luck! Detroit Man Wins $2 Million After Accidentally Buying An Extra Lottery Ticket

Tyren Johnson, a Detroit resident had undergone a heart surgery at the very young age when he was 2 years old. So he was selected by ‘Make -A-Wish Michigan’ to have one of his wishes granted following his recovery from the heart transplant surgery. While most of the kids when given a choice, choose to go to Disneyland. But this kid instead wanted to live his dream career in one day. His only request was to be a firefighter for a day! Also Read - 'She Had Her Eyes Open': 20-Year-Old Michigan Woman Declared Dead Found Alive at Funeral Home!

Tyren arrived at the Detroit Fire Engine decked out in full fledged firefighting spirit. He sported the firefighting uniform and was designated as the ‘Fire Chief’. He spent the day with the fellow firefighters, spraying the water hose at an imaginary firefighter and meeting the station’s Dalmatian mascot. Also Read - 'They're Going to Kill Me': George Floyd's Last Words Displayed on Banners Across Skies in 5 US Cities

Hopefully with the successful surgery and Tyren’s strength, his dream might become a reality soon. Watch the video below!