Tianwen-1, China’s first-ever Mars mission launched on July 23, has captured a photo of the Earth and the Moon, according to China National Space Agency (CNSA) on Tuesday. Using the optical navigation sensor, Tianwen-1 captured an image of the Earth and Moon, about 1.2 million km from Earth. Also Read - NASA Spots China's Tianwen-1 on Its Way to Mars, Spacecraft Expected to Send Home Bonanza of Scientific Data About Red Planet

The probe has escaped the Earth’s gravitational influence and entered an interplanetary transfer trajectory and is more than 1.5 million kilometres away from Earth, CNSA added.

In the black-and-white picture, the Earth and the Moon, appear as small crescents in the darkness of the vast space.

See the pic here:

On July 23, China launched its first Mars mission Tianwen-1, which means Questions to Heaven, marking the country’s first step in the planetary exploration of the solar system.

The spacecraft consists of an orbiter, a lander and a rover, and the mission aims to study the thickness and sub-layer distribution of the Martian soil.

It aims to enter Martian orbit seven months after the launch and release a small rover to study the planet’s surface.