Russia’s Primorsky Safari Park is home to a particular Siberian tiger who lives in captivity. To keep the tiger named Amur healthier, the zoo authorities leave live stock into the cage so that Amur is not exactly served his food. He hs some sense of pride in the fact that the live prey can run around until it is killed and eaten for Amur’s nutritional needs. Also Read - Expressing Desire to Meet Lord Krishna, Russian Woman Jumps to Death from 6-Storey Building in Vrindavan

Recently, the hunt has changed for Amur after he formed a friendship with a goat that was meant to be hunted and eaten. Zoo staff don’t get attached to the goats and other live stock bred or brought in to be fed to Amur because the animals won’t live long enough. Neither do they name the goats that are sent into Amur’s cage because if a goat is sent into a tiger’s cage, it will definitely get eaten. [Also Watch: The bond between German shepherds & endangered Siberian tigers will give you new friendship goals] Also Read - Coronavirus: Russia’s EpiVacCorona Vaccine Has 100% Efficacy, Claims Report

To twist the laws of nature, Amur has found a friend in the goat. It’s not that the goat got lucky, this is one brave goat. Rather than running and trying futile attempts to spend a few more moments before being mauled to death, the goat stood up to Amur. It seems the merit of courage is valued greatly by Amur and the two are seen walking around in the cage with no signs of aggression by Amur towards the goat. You have to watch to video to believe you eyes. Also Read - Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi: Tottenham Manager Jose Mourinho on Juventus-Barcelona Icons GOAT Debate