A California influencer who went viral after he filmed himself licking a toilet seat in a so-called ‘Coronavirus challenge’ has now revealed that he has been tested positive with COVID-19. Also Read - TikTok Influencer Licks Toilet Seat As Part of A 'Coronavirus Challenge', Netizens Disgusted | Watch

“I tested positive for coronavirus,” 21-year-old Larz said and posted footage of himself in a hospital bed, according to the Daily Mail. In the video, that has now been deleted, he reportedly told his followers he was “pretty hopped up on meds” following his diagnoses of the disease.

The development comes just two days after Larz who goes by the social media handle GayShawnMendes, posted a video of himself licking a public toilet twice as part of a bizarre ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ on social media.

However, it isn’t clear whether Larz’s apparent infection was linked to the stunt.

Not just Larz, many other such videos of teenagers participating in #CoronavirusChallenge are doing the rounds on social media. The hashtag has been used by influencers to post disgusting videos of themselves licking toilet seats, car and door handles among other objects.

It all started after 22-year-old influencer, Ava Louise initiated the challenge on March 15 as she licked a toilet seat, allegedly while in a plane bathroom to prove that the COVID-19 virus couldn’t harm her.


Many on social media who were visibly disturbed, expressed their disgust and slammed her for using fears over the pandemic to boost her following. However, despite all the outrage and criticism regarding her stunt, Louise reportedly made $4000 from the publicity generated.

Meanwhile, over 21,000 people worldwide have died from the COVID-19 pandemic.