While people across the globe are staying indoors and living a life of self-quarantine, fame-hungry youngsters are wasting no time to cash in on the opportunity to gain instant publicity. And it seems to have worked! Also Read - Newly-Married Man Dies While Performing Stunts On A Speeding Tractor For TikTok Video

22-year-old influencer, Ava Louise is now going viral for a bizarre stunt while taking part in the so-called ‘coronavirus challenge.’ In the video, Louise is seen licking a toilet seat, allegedly while in a plane bathroom to prove that the COVID-19 virus couldn’t harm her and flashes the victory sign after the stunt. Also Read - Happy Holi 2020: Sunny Leone Shares TikTok Dance Video From The Celebrations - Watch

“Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane,” she said. Also Read - Trending News Today March 05, 2020: TikTok Video Helps Missing Andhra Man Reunite With His Family After Six Years

Watch the video here:


Louise has over 21,000 followers on TikTok and a further 160,000 followers on Instagram. What’s more shocking is that after her video went viral, some others decided to follow her too:

Many on social media who were visibly disturbed, expressed their disgust and slammed her for using fears over the pandemic to boost her following:

Louise later confirmed on Twitter she participated in the challenge for social ‘clout’ also said she ‘can’t get coronavirus because ‘the gays [and] rich blonde bitches are immune’.


She also claimed the toilet seat had been cleaned with bleach and wasn’t a health risk.

Talking to Insider, she said, “I just wanted more attention than this corona bitch but she’s good,” she said. “So I capitalised off her. And now I’m, like, global news. My mum told me she’s proud of me”, she added.

Meanwhile, despite all the outrage, Louise reportedly made $4000 from the publicity generated. Things people do for attention!