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The bliss of being a mother can only be known by a mother to-be. What a wonderful experience it is for a woman who is about to deliver a new baby in this world? The period of pregnancy i.e. 9 months is the most blissful time for a woman in her entire life. What is even more wonderful than  to see it in a  time lapse video of these 9 months in frames! Also Read - Pregnant Women in Rural Nainital to be Brought in 'Dolis' to Hospitals Amid Weak Road Connectivity

A delighting video by TheDunderBoy on YouTube does just that, i.e. the maker of the video captures a picture daily since he finds out that his wife is pregnant. The description of the video reads, “The baby is here and we are ready to share our video with the world. Hope you enjoy it! We had a lot of fun making it. The last 9 months went by so fast. I hope this kid takes his time growing up.” (Also Watch: Are post-pregnancy body changes affecting you? The 4th Trimester Bodies project is for you!) Also Read - Wow! Major Breakthrough As NASA Astronaut Grows Radishes In Space Under Microgravity | Watch Video

Watch full video of a lady who is pregnant and is about to deliver a baby in these enticing frames.