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The war between the two leading newspapers of the country-Times of India(TOI) and Hindustan Times(HT) just got tougher with the new claims of Times of India. The self explanatory video flooded with numbers rips apart Hindustan Times’ claims that they have a better circulation in Delhi NCR. Also Read - Individual cannot be bereft of constitutional morality: ex-CJI Dipak Misra

The video says that HT has not managed to make better numbers like other newspapers, rather it is the mini version of Hindustan Times, HT 2 minutes which swept the score board. In the recent Audit Bureau of Circulation’s(ABC) findings HT circulated 10.6 lakhs of copies every day while gave TOI circulation was 2 lakhs lesser making it 10.4 lakhs. However, TOI is also not sure about ABC’s findings as the numbers sound fishy. Also Read - You are a cork floating in ocean but in cradle of nature: Irrfan on cancer

TOI further digs deeper into the HT 2 minutes’ to find out that it is a rehash of the main paper and offers nothing new to the readers. TOI calling HT 2 minutes, the little brother of HT main stresses that the mini version should not be allowed to fight the big battle. It is even pre inserted in to Nav Bharat Times regardless of even if a Hindi reader will be benefited with the supplement. Also advertisers are not guaranteed to get their ads published for the ad rate they pay for the combined circulation in the main papers plus the mini versions.

Futher TOI offers a challenge saying that anyone who wants to know which of the paper is sold out more can call them up and check out in any newspaper store to find that for every five TOI newspapers, only 1 HT is sold.

Watch to see the Times of India tighten its grip in war with Hindustan Times