Coimbatore: While researchers and scientists across the world are working day and night to come up with a vaccine for Covod-19, many uninformed people are busy giving unsolicited opinions and propagating false cures for the virus. Also Read - Indonesian Minister Says Coronavirus Can Be ‘Killed’ With Eucalyptus Necklace, Twitter Says 'What a Joke'

One of them is a sweetshop owner in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu who recently claimed that his special mysurpa can cure COVID-19 in a single day. The shop had even declared that it’s ready to share the product formula with PM Modi free of cost.

Sriram, who owns the ‘Sri Ram Vilas Nellai Lala Sweets’ had claimed through advertisements that his sweet, made of special ingredients, with 19 herbs named “photo speed corona cure mysurupa” will cure persons with Covid-19 symptoms in three days and a daily dose for others to boost immunity.

Sriram sold a 50 gramme of Mysurpa for Rs 50, and 1kg was sold at Rs 800, according to the daily, according to The New Indian Express.

However, he soon landed in trouble, as The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India sealed his shop after conducting an inspection. More so, Sriram, has been booked for spreading false information, selling the mysurpa as a cure for COVID without any approvals from any department.

The FSSAI officials also seized 120kg of Mysurpa from the shop, which is estimated to be worth around Rs 1 lakh. Some samples of the product have also been collected for laboratory testing.

Deputy Director of Health Services G Ramesh Kumar told The New Indian Express, “This is a clear violation of the Epidemic Disease Act, 1897. At a time when the state government is sensitising the public about the measures to contain the virus spread, this advertisement could deceive people.”