Actor Tom Hanks is currently on 14-day isolation as he got diagnosed with the coronavirus last week in Australia. After he sent out a positive message about his recovery, the popular actor posted a picture of his breakfast that included toast with popular Australian food vegemite spread over it. Tom made the post as a gesture to thank people of Australia who have been taking care of him and his wife Rita Wilson in the hospital. While it was a sweet gesture and the actor had good intentions behind making that post, it bothered many social media users, especially the Australians, who informed Tom that he was having a lot of vegemite. Also Read - James Bond Actor Olga Kurylenko Infected With COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Asks Everyone to Take This Seriously

Tom’s Twitter post is flooded with comments in which the well-wishers are ‘respectfully trolling’ the actor, telling him to not have so much of vegemite. The actor’s post read, “Thanks to the Helpers. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other. Hanx” (sic). Also Read - Coronavirus Impact on Film Industry: Losses Around Rs 800 cr Due to Theatre Shutdown, Delay in Releases And Suspended Shootings

What is vegemite?
Vegemite is a staple Australian food. It’s as common as peanut butter in the US and the cheese butter or mint chutney in India. It tastes mildly spicy and salty. While some may use vegemite to make their gravy taste interesting, it is usually used as a bread spread. However, vegemite is taken in a very less amount and definitely not like how Tom used on his toast.

While schooling Tom over the usage of vegemite, while one user wrote, “okay you need to scrape around 60% of that vegemite off, otherwise it’s gonna be nasty and hurt your mouth friend,” another said, “Tom, from a life-long Australian vegemite connoisseur, you are seriously overdosing on the stuff, but hey, if it helps kill that bug, go for it.” (sic). One user made an entire image about how to use vegemite step by step. Check out these interesting tweets:

In the trying times when the entire world is affected by the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 (coronavirus), a sense of collective fighting spirit seems to be developing around. After Tom and Rita went public with their diagnosis, another actor – Ukrain-based James Bond star Olga Kurylenko – also got the infection. She took to Instagram to reveal the news and asked everyone to take this seriously.

We are still thinking about the vegemite though!