Kosovo: In a bizarre incident, a man has swallowed an entire Nokia 3310 cellphone and had to undergo a surgical procedure to survive. The 33-year-old man swallowed the Nokia 3310 phone that is said to be an early 2000s model made by the former Finnish company. The incident was reported from the city of Pristina, Kosovo—a landlocked state located in southeastern Europe. The man had the cellphone in his stomach for four days, but later he went to a nearby hospital as experiencing after swallowing the phone. As per reports, the phone was “too large for him to digest” and his life was in danger because its corrosive battery acid could have leaked into his stomach.Also Read - Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma's Fans Begin Meme-Fest to Criticise Broadcaster After Vamika's First Pics go Viral

Skender Telaku, the doctor who led the medical team that performed the successful operation, has shared photos of the phone that was retrieved from the man’s stomach on Facebook, as well as X-ray and endoscope images showing the foreign object inside the man’s body. Also Read - Netaji Subhash Chanda Bose’s Resignation Letter From Indian Civil Service Goes Viral; Netizens Call Him Courageous

Speaking to the local media, the doctor said, “I got a call about a patient who swallowed an object, and after carrying out a scan we noticed that the phone had split into three parts. Out of all the parts, it was the battery that concerned us most because it could have potentially exploded in the man’s stomach.”
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The medical team removed the phone without cutting the stomach open, and extracted it in three separate parts using special devices known as endoscopes, Telaku said on Facebook. The doctor further added that there had been “no complications” during the procedure, which lasted for around two hours.

Even though it is not clear how or why the man had swallowed the phone, but the doctor said that the man recovered well from the procedure and is now in good health.