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Come monsoon and everyone want to be at home sipping tea and enjoy evenings looking out of cosy bedroom windows. There are many who find monsoon the perfect time to rewind themselves and experiment cooking and be at the home’s comfort zone. This monsoon season try something new other than the normal bhajiya, pakoda and samosa. How about tasting about some snacks from the south. (READ- Onam special taste of Kerala: Top 10 dishes of the harvest festival)

While Kerala dishes are a feast in themselves, their snacks are no less. Here are 10 snacks from the God’s own country that you can relish this rainy season.

1. Achappam

These are not just sweet crunches but also a visual delight. Made in flowery moulds their taste goes well with their appearances. These roasted cookies are usually one among the stockes food items in Malayalee houses and is generally served with tea.

2. Unniappam

Go the land during Onam and you will be filled with this delicacy. Sweet, soft and chewy, this is one the famous sweets that Malayalees eat with pride.

3. Jackfruit Chips

Crunchy and salty fried in coconut oil they are great to served during tea time. (Image

4. Pakkavada

You can make it at home and flavour on top with spices to pamper your taste buds. They are crunchy and long in shape. (Image credits –

5. Banana chips

Kerala and banana chips go hand in hand. Anyone returning from a Kerala trip is sure to carry loads of them. Cut in regular round shapes and fried in coconut oil this is a must of households in Kerala. (Image

6. Neyyappam

Go to any local tea-shop in Kerala and you must find them. Made from the same batter of unniappam , you may relate to the taste but are made in a different shape and will be great on a rainy evening. (Image Credits-

7. Bonda

You will get bonda in both sweet and spicy flavours. Deep fried in oil this is another snack that you find in local tea shops across the state. (Image

8. Sukhiyan

Sweet and crispy with stuffing of boiled green pulses and coconut gratings mixed in sugar, this is best snack you will like with tea. Fried in chickpea batter, this sweet snack with tea will make your monsoon evenings. (Image

9. Sharkara varatti

They are sweet with extra jaggery coating on top. Pieces of banana are cut and fried with flour batter, which are then ladened with jaggery. They are usually served along with Malayalee feasts that come on banana leafs.


 10. Kappa chips (Tapioca chips)

These may look like potato wafers, but they are made of kappa (tapioca). They are tube roots generally found in Kerala. They are cut in round and fried. At times pepper and salt are added for flavour. People also crush these chips and add coconuts gratings and sugar for a sweet taste. (Image Credits-