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Pop star Lady Gaga shared a video of herself getting tattooed on her armpit. The 28-year old singer released a video on Instagram that shows her getting her 17th tattoo on her left underarm. Gaga got inked to pay tribute to her fans. It has a paisley design in purple ink with words ‘Mother Monster’ below it, reports (Read: Lady Gaga shares underarm tattoo video) Also Read - Anticipating Backlash, BJP Turns Off 'Dislike' Button on YouTube Channel Amid PM Modi's Address to The Nation

The pop singer decided to get inked on November 18 because it marked the fifth anniversary of the release of “The Fame Monster”, the reissue of her debut album “The Fame”. Also Read - YouTube Withdraws Misleading Content About COVID-19 Vaccine

‘Mother Monster’ is Gaga’s nickname while her fans call her ‘Little Monster’. The singer shared the video titled with ‘Happy Birthday The Fame Monster’. She also shared her topless images in which she hides her modesty with her arm while getting inked by her friend and tattoo artist Eric Gonzalez.