The world is at a crisis under the perpetual gloom of the COVID-19 pandemic and with no possible vaccine in sight, only a superhero can… wait, was that the Spiderman? Jumping fences and climbing the walls like a hero without cape, Spiderman in Turkey is running the errands for the elderly self-isolating in Antalya. Also Read - Mumbai to Open Drive-in Vaccination Centres in Several Areas. Check List

The government of Turkey has imposed a lockdown for the 65 above to protect them from the coronavirus outbreak. At such a time, Spiderman could not just sit and watch. From getting them milk to groceries and other essentials in his Beetle, Burak Soylu dresses up as the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero and delivers the essentials to those in need in his neighbourhood. A tweet by Goodable first mentioned of his superpowers and soon the man was an Internet sensation over night. Also Read - CM Yogi Issues Fresh Instructions, Tasks Team-9 To Ensure All-Round Effort To Tackle Covid 2.0

Tweeting some pictures of the Spiderman at work, the caption elaborated, “In Turkey, a man named Burak Soylu has been going around dressed like Spiderman. He drives around in a Beetle, buys milk and groceries for the elderly, and delivers it to their doorsteps. When he was asked why, he said “My superpower is doing good for the neighborhood.”” Also Read - Covid-19: CSK Star Suresh Raina Urges For Oxygen, Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood Responds With Help

Soon the Internet was rid with messages for the kind-hearted superhero as his fandom grew on the social media platforms. While one user wrote, “When I see posts like turkish spiderman helping elderly, I get sooooo appreciative of both fandoms, cosplayers and the creator. Stan Lee is in a way still helping People. Thank you turkish spider-man! (sic)”, another tweeted, “meet the Turkish Spiderman that comes to help the elderly who can’t leave their homes. Apropos Turkey, morbidity rate is climbing. Not getting enough attention (sic)” and yet another cheered, “Way to go Turkish Spidey from your friend across the seas Stockport Spiderman (sic).”

Check out Twitter swooning over the real hero here:

Last week, Turkey’s coronavirus cases overtook Iran and become the highest in Middle East. Not only this, Turkey has surpassed China in its number of confirmed coronavirus cases, as the number of COVID-19 positive cases rises to 98,674 while the death toll is at 2,376.