Dispersing the gloom and distressing news of COVID-19 on our social media feeds, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration recently treated netizens to a night view of the earth and we literally dropped our jaws in awe. Full of dreamy glitters and sparks, the picture is all we need to appreciate the beauty of the planet despite the COVID-19 pandemic gloom. Also Read - Amitabh Bachchan Contributes Rs 2 Crore Towards Covid-19 Care Facility in The Capital

Taking to its Instagram handle, NASA shared the stunning picture taken through the wide fisheye lens and the beauty of the planet left netizens mesmerised. The picture was taken on February 11, 2016 aboard the International Space Station. Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Feels She Will Not Last More Than a Week After Instagram Deletes Her Post Threatening To Demolish Covid-19

The gorgeous click instantly grabbed close to 8 lakh likes while still going strong. NASA captioned it, “”…an Earth in crisis is still an Earth worth returning to.” – @AstroDrewMorgan. ⁣ This wide fisheye lens night view of the Earth was taken aboard the @iss on Feb 11, 2016. It’s a long exposure, so you can distinguish city lights, stars and atmospheric glow. Our planet still sparkles – just like you do. ⁣ #sparkle #Earth #longexposure #nasa (sic).” Also Read - Bhopal Lockdown News: Corona Curfew Extended Till May 17 Amid COVID Spike. Details Here

Recently, NASA dropped a new challenge amid COVID-19 pandemic, “Honey I Shrunk the Payload”, for pursuing ideas on how to send small payloads on miniature Moon rover. Throwing the challenge open for the world, NASA promised the winner a cash prize of $160,000 as claimed by the crowdsourcing platform HeroX, on which the project was launched.